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Portal Content Personalization

To make the most effective use of a portal and content management platform, personalization is a critical component of delivering the most value to end users. Regardless of what type of constituents you may be serving, content relevance is key to supporting business goals like self-service, communication within a geographically distributed organization, lead generation and customer loyalty effectively. This...
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Principles of Natural Participation

* Originally published on BEA System’s Arch2Arch Community December 2007 and Organizations are beginning to recognize the value of deploying consumer Web tools to obtain basic benefits like internal knowledge sharing. This being said, they often overlook deeper benefits that the elements, and, more importantly, their methodologies of collaborative contribution can provide. Due to their...
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Facebook Development Workshop

This Boston Computing Review session covered the basics of software development within the Facebook platform. The group covered Facebook application architecture, use of Facebook Markup Language (FBML), Facebook Query Language (FQL) and Facebook APIs. During the session the team reviewed a sample application in detail that used FBML and the API to merge Facebook data with a standard PHP / MySQL application to...
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